Monday, July 4, 2011

He is home :)

P has been home for just over a week and though things are not perfect, we are now a family of four. Reintegration is difficult, then when you throw in 2 kids that he's never met who call him Daddy,'s a challenge. We've had some wonderful days like yesterday, though; days that remind me that we can totally do this. Today is proving to be another good day as well; the kids are playing quietly, the dogs are being lazy, I am cleaning and P is relaxing by playing his new PS3 :)

One thing that P and I have decided to share cooking duties. With us both working and now hitting the YMCA after work everyday, we need fast, healthy meals. P has said that he will grill most nights (especially on the weekends) and I will make the side dishes. For example, today he will grill the steaks and hot dogs while I make the sweet potato fries and steamed veggies. I am also going to attempt to make some different side dishes, such as quinoa salad and ethnic dishes. We'll see out that turns out...

I cannot adequately put into words how it feels to have him home with us. It is amazing but wow, reintegration is a bitch. He is used to things being a certain way and I am used to things being my way. P was only here for 4 months before he deployed, so in a sense he came home to my home. I had things the way that I wanted them and he didn't necessarily agree with some of it. He's done some cleaning (actually, a lot of cleaning) and organizing which almost sent me over the edge because I am so Monica (as in Monica from Friends) about things. I've gotten over that now and I realize that I have to give and compromise more. Plus, having a husband who now cleans the house without me asking is nice :)

I promise to write more about this whole reintegration process, partly for me and also because I think that it is not talked about enough. For now, I have to go wrangle an 18 month old boy and get some more coffee.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Results from the Inferno plan

My weight on Thursday morning was 139.6 lbs!!!!! Here are the after pictures :)

And the side view

I am super pleased with the results and I am doing a modified version of Inferno this week to see if I can lose those last lbs!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An update on the Inferno plan

I stepped on the scale this morning and it said 141.8!!!! I've lost almost 3 pounds and I am stoked! Also, I lost a half inch from my waist and another half inch from my hips!!! I am seriously motivated :)

I am adjusting the calories per day I simply cannot handle the 1200 cal limit and take my metfo.rmin as prescribed. I'm going to try 1400 calories today and tomorrow. Thursday is my birthday so not gonna worry about calories on that day. Friday I'll limit again and then on Saturday I might limit again, depending on my weight loss. Sunday, I will go back to eating normally and will also rest (no workout) on that day. Monday, back to normal Turbo Fire :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Day 2 of Inferno

Total calories:1210
Breakfast-100 cal English muffin
70 cal organic egg
70 cal cheese slice
35 cal coffee with creamer
Snack- 35 cal coffee with creamer
140 banana with peanut butter
Lunch- 4 slices of ham, 1 slice of cheese, 1 tsp light honey Dijon dressing on a small flour
tortilla with 1 serving of baked potato chips (I wrote down this breakdown of calories
but left it at work
Dinner- 300 cal frozen meal (spaghetti with meat sauce)
Snack- 60 cal of animal crackers
20 cal of whipped cream

Exercise-55 Fire EZ (Turbo Fire)

Today I noticed that I was hungrier, probably because I was working and was on the go for the entire 8.5 hours that I was there. I kept reminded myself that it's going to be worth it in the end and I made sure to eat my meals and snacks slowly. Even though it's only been 2 days, I feel like I am starting to see a difference in my mid section, which is the part that needs some toning. I am seriously excited to see the results in the mirror late this week.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 1 of Inferno

Ok, so here are my before pictures and my before weight is 144.6 lbs. Also, my current measurements are 39 in (bust), 30 in (waist), 35 in (the poochy part of my belly) and 39 in (hips).

I switched the Day 1 and 2 workouts since it's easier for me to do 2 workouts on days that I don't work. So today I did HIIT 20 and 45 Fire EZ. I am actually proud of making it through both workouts and then having enough energy left to do yard work and house work :)

The 1200 calories is not as hard as I least not yet. For breakfast I had a Nutrigrain bar, med banana and coffee. Lunch was a pb&j with baked chips and an apple. My after workout snack was 1 cup of cereal with 3/4 cup of almond milk. For dinner I will be having a frozen meal....haven't decided which one yet. Yeah, I know that I am cheating by not cooking my own dinners but seriously, with the 2 kids I just don't feel like cooking 2 different dinners at night after I get home from work.

Ok, so there ya have it. Hopefully I will see a big difference after this is done. And yes, I'll be blogging everyday while I'm doing this :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Inferno Plan-Turbo Fire, aka GET MY ASS IN SHAPE

I have less than a month until P gets home from Afghanistan. I am not at my goal weight or size. This makes me stabby.

Remeron has made me gain weight. Turns out it can slow metabolism, cause you to crave "bad" foods and can increase your appetite. Ummm, no thank you. I am stopping it and if I need something prescribed for anxiety I'll be asking for klonipin.

Tomorrow I will be starting the Turbo Fire Inferno plan. I will most likely not strictly stick to the meal menu but I will stick to the 1200 calories per day. Also, I will stick to the exercise plan:
Sunday: Fire 55 EZ Class, Stretch 10 Class
Monday: Fire 45 EZ Class, HIIT 20 Class, Stretch 10 Class
Tuesday: Fire 55 EZ Class, Stretch 10 Class
Wednesday: Fire 45 EZ Class, HIIT 20 Class, Stretch 10 Class
Thursday: Fire 55 EZ Class, Stretch 10 Class

Since Thurs is my birthday and I am going out with friends, I will not stick to the calories that day but I plan to extend the plan 2 days. So I will resume the plan Fri and Sat and will repeat Sun and Mon work outs on those days. My goal? TO decrease my belly pooch and to (hopefully) lose 5 pounds (the 3 remeron pounds plus 2 more).

Will this be difficult? Hell yes. Will it be worth it? Hell yes. I've seen other people's before and after photos...I AM PUMPED.

Monday, May 30, 2011

No wine for you!

That's what I'm telling myself right now. Well really it's "NO ALCOHOL FOR YOU" until I break 140 pounds for at least 2 days. I stepped on the scale this afternoon and it read 143.6 lbs. I am not amused. Also, I'm losing in my belly like I'd like so bye-bye candy at work (not mine but at the front desk) and bye-bye bad carbs. I've been looking through the nutrition guide that came with Turbo Fire and I have decided to start trying some of those recipes and guidelines.

For starters, no more coffee. I used to drink it black which was fine but now that I like adding creamer to it, it's got empty calories. Instead I'll be drinking green tea with a touch of Truvia in it. Breakfast will be something healthier than a bagel thin with cream cheese. I am making baked oatmeal tonight so that I can eat it throughout the week for breakfast. Lunches will now be salads (full of fresh veggies and with nuts for protein) or a wrap with fresh veggies on the side. Dinner will be free of simple carbs and instead I will eat a small sweet potato or sweet potato fries if I *must* have a carb. Hmmmm, maybe I'll do wraps with raw veggies for my lunches and salads for dinners....scratch that. I'd get way to bored with that meal plan.

Also, no alcohol. I heart wine and love to have a glass or 2 at night. Well, no more! Those are tons of empty calories so they have to least until I break 140 lbs, then wine can come back in moderation.

I want to reach 135 lbs by the time P gets home from deployment. That is my wedding weight, aka pre-infertility treatment weight. I have x amount of weeks to do this (very few). I know that I can do it. just have to get my ass in gear!