A little blurb about me

I'm Becca and I'm a liberal military wife. . . yes, you read that correctly.  I swore that I would never marry a military man but here I am married to a military lifer. I love the military lifestyle and all the challenges and benefits that go along with it.

We are also on a journey to become parents. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and stage 2 endometriosis. We've been TTC for 4 years and to date have had 5 unsuccessful IUIs and our first IVF in Jan 2011 failed. We have one frozen embie so FET will happen in Fall 2011 after my wonderful husband returns from deployment. I have an awesome group of IF/TTC women here in the blog world and on Twitter. I could not do this without them. I am currently a single "mommy" to my sis in law's 2 babes-SB (toddler niece) and J (toddler nephew)-and we expect this to be permanent. Love the babes but definitely an adjustment.

I was born and raised in the South and love it. I am not racist, I do not wear overalls and I have all my teeth.

I voted for Obama :)

On some assessments they show that I am so far left that I am Socialist. The are probably right.

I cried at the end of The Motorcycle Diaries because I understood where Che Guevara was coming from.

I believe that taking care of the Earth, recycling, conservationism and treating animals humanely are my duty as a Christian.

I am a huge fan of grunge and would love nothing more than to wear plaid shirts with tank tops and jeans everyday.

I am a Christian but as of 2009, I do not celebrate Christmas and instead am embracing some of my and my husband's Pagan ancestry. We plan to raise our children as Christian with Pagan celebrations and teachings thrown in as well.

I believe that gay folks have as much a right to marry as heterosexual folks. It's not about God or religion. It's about a legal commitment and affirmation of your commitment and everything that goes with it.

I believe that having a pet is a LIFELONG commitment. Not until they piss on your floor, chew up your couch, destroy your bedding or you get tired of them. It's forever. If you can't handle that then don't get a pet.

I believe that good cheap red wine, a good cigar and good friends can solve most any bad mood.

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