Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our girl is home and surgery is done!

Chloe had her TPLO surgery yesterday and she did great though the damage was worse than expected. Her ACL was non-existent and her meniscus was damaged and calcified. The surgeon repaired her knee with plates and screws Our poor girl has a shaved back leg and her skin is so dry :-( Thankfully she has not shown an interest in licking/biting the sutures.

She had her first laser therapy and Adequan injection before leaving the vet's office. She will have 5 more laser therapy sessions and 7 more Adequan injections over the next 4 weeks. She will have at home PT for the next 12 weeks, at which time she will finally be back to normal activity. For the first week after surgery I will have to help her in getting up from a sit/laying down position and will have to help her up and down stairs (with a towel under her belly, like a sling). This should be interesting.

I am very happy with our vet's office (always have been since finding them last year) and am happy with the surgeon who completed Chloe's surgery. They gave me a 5 page report, complete with a title page, picture during the surgery and detailed PT instructions. I could not ask for a better team of vets, techs and surgeon.

The kids are VERY happy to have her home. J's eyes lit up when the vet tevh brought her out to us. SB kept hugging on her neck and saying "choe (SB leaves out the L) owie. Choe hurted." Now the work begins on getting her rehab'ed and back to her 100% happy, healthy self.


  1. you have a beautiful dog - glad she is doing ok

  2. oh and I gave you an award - pls pop over to my blog to have a look (mother's day post)


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