Friday, April 22, 2011

Surgery is BOOKED

So this past week Chloe has been worse...she's been in more obvious pain. She's yelped more than once when getting up from laying down...broke my heart. So i did it, I applied for Care Credit and was approved. He surgery will happen in a week, so on April 29th. She will spend the night (which kills me) and we will be able to go back and get her on Saturday. So next weekend will be full of me giving her lots of TLC and snuggles.

I've made a Facebook page for the dog treats that I will be making and selling to help pay for her $3000 surgery. If you're on FB, please search for and like Chloe's Tasty Treats. I will first be doing some all natural peanut butter treats (that will be taste tested with Chloe and the rest of the pack) but plan to branch out to more flavors. I am still working out the pricing since this is my first time venturing into business :) If you have any ideas or tips, I am definitely open.

So please, say a little prayer/send good thoughts for Chloe and her upcoming surgery. I am eager to have it done but I am naturally nervous. She's one of my babies and she is AMAZING with the kids. I know that our girl will miss Chloe while she's gone <3


  1. If you email me the recipe I can plug it into my formula from culinary school and give you an idea of where to price them.

  2. Good luck, Chloe! I hope she feels better fast and that the treat selling goes well :)


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