Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making money....I need a money tree

I cannot thank all of my online friends enough for the money that has been donated to help Cloe get her ACP repair surgery. Between Chip-In donations and checks sent directly to me we now have just over $300 :) Just $2300 more to go (not all through donations, which is why I am writing this blog post.)

So folks might think this is weird but I am determined to save for her surgery first before we do IVF. She is our furbaby and we have an obligation to make sure that she is properly cared for and loved. I am considering using CareCredit for her but we REALLY don't want to go further in debt right this second. So for now I am focusing on how to raise/earn the rest of the money to get her knee fixed. One thing I am doing is ChaCha. For months I've been saying that I'm gonna do it but today I really am doing it. I am reviewing all of the videos and then I will get started answering questions :) I know ChaCha won't make me rich but even an extra $100 or so per month will help.

I really have to get my ass in gear and get my BeachBody business going. For real. I want to do this to earn money and to help others improve their health. I hope to tackle that this weekend.

I am considering opening an etsy shop but am not sure what I would sell. I'm good at photography but I am wondering if people will even want to buy my prints....that would be the worst, if people didn't want my stuff. Also, I have no idea how much I'd need to charge for prints in order to make a profit. I'm also trying to think of other ideas for things to sell on etsy...perhaps something dog related since I want to use the money to raise money for Chloe's surgery. Any ideas from my faithful readers?


  1. You could check into mturk. It it through amazon. The etsy so is a great idea. You could think about all natural dog treats. I have a revisit book for them ig your interested.

  2. I also thought of dog treats. They are pretty cheap to make and if they are cute or super healthy, you can sell them for a reasonable amount. Would fit in well with the cause. If you need recipe ideas, just call out!

  3. Do you have any sewing ability? people love personalized dog collars.

  4. I think dog treats are a great idea! There are a ton of good recipes out there! I have made them for my MIL's dogs before. I'll look and see if I can find my stack of recipes. Plus, if you have a steady hand you can personalize them with carob. I have a formula in a spreadsheet if you need help figuring out how much to charge so that you make a profit!


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